An Exceptional Wristwatch from Alessandro Ciani



Patek Philippe Perpetual Chronograph Ref. 2499 MKII

Chosen by Nicholas Young

Product Description

As the scion of one of Asia’s noblest and wealthiest families, Nicholas Young was assured of his place in the world from the moment he was born.  And with his dashing good looks, unassuming wit and Oxford Law degree, he was guaranteed to be one of Asia’s most eligible bachelors, the kind of guy many a girl would perform acts of violence against tropical fish just to land (see Crazy Rich Asians).  Like Nicholas Young, this vintage Patek Philippe Perpetual Chronograph Reference 2499 MKII from 1957 is wildly coveted and comes with an exquisite pedigree.  Available exclusively from Alessandro Ciani, it’s a wristwatch that manages to be understatedly elegant and astoundingly impressive all at once.  To get a sense of its rarity, one must consider that the Reference 2499 model was first introduced in 1950, and when production ended in 1985 only 349 pieces were ever made—an average of only nine a year.  Ciani—a Patek expert and one of the foremost purveyors of rare vintage watches—notes, “A little less than half of this production has come back to the collectors’ market, and the example offered at this time is the best 2nd Series MKII seen to this day.”

Eric Wind, Vice President and Senior Specialist for Watches at Christie’s Auction House, puts it best: “In the world of vintage watches Patek Philippe is the king, and arguably the king of kings are Patek’s perpetual calendar chronographs—watches that include a stopwatch function and a calendar that remains accurate for a century, accounting for leap years every four years (because who wants to mess with changing the calendar of your watch). The reference 2499 is considered by many watch collectors to be the ultimate perpetual calendar chronograph ever made by Patek as its 37.5 millimeter diameter case makes it a comfortable pleasure to wear without seeming like a dinner plate on the wrist and is of such aesthetic harmony. Those fortunate enough to own one may find themselves looking at their wrist more frequently than normal just to get a glimpse of beauty.”

It’s only fitting that someone as charmingly unaware of his own beauty as Nicholas Young would wish to add this timepiece to his collection.

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