The World’s Most Advanced Personal Submarine from DeepFlight




DeepFlight Super Falcon Mark II

Chosen by Carlton Bao

Product Description


Ever since his days captaining the rugby team at Stowe, his exclusive English boarding school, Carlton Bao has had a taste for action and speed.  A collector and racer of many an exotic sportscar (see China Rich Girlfriend), Carlton is always looking to push the limits, much to the chagrin of his mother, whose worst nightmare is that Carlton’s antics might be splashed across the front pages of China’s newspapers, causing disgrace to his politician father.  The DeepFlight submarine represents a new realm that he can explore and conquer in a place where he is unlikely to encounter much paparazzi—and all the better that with this technological marvel, he can do it in luxury and style.

Imagine flying a small and agile private jet underwater with controls so intuitive you can learn to pilot it in an afternoon. After all, as DeepFlight founder and world-renowned ocean engineer Graham Hawkes says, “you don’t buy a Ferrari and give the keys to a chauffeur.” At just under twenty feet long, this sleek silver vessel can be launched from your yacht or marina, and you and a copilot will be diving with whales or exploring shipwrecks in no time.  The submarine can reach a depth of 1200 feet, but what makes it truly revolutionary are the nine foot wings that allow it to truly “fly” underwater.  I could go on and on describing the vessel in painstaking detail and extolling the wonders of this incredible feat of technology, but a video is worth a million words.

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