The Stunningly Simple Bed by Urban Zen




Outdoor Bed with Four Posts, custom mattress included

Chosen by Eleanor Young


Product Description

Eleanor Young does not believe in wasting money on designer clothes.  Or big diamonds.  Or first class plane tickets.  Even though she is worth hundreds of millions, Eleanor—like so many of her generation and class—has only two goals in life:  to make sure her son marries a suitable girl that will give her lots of grandsons (see Crazy Rich Asians) and to make sure her fortune keeps growing.  Actually, there is a third goal: getting a good night’s sleep.  Yes, for Eleanor, health equals wealth, and one of the few things she will splurge on is a superbly comfortable and beautiful bed where she can get her minimum eight hours of beauty sleep.
This teak wood bed from Urban Zen, the fashion and lifestyle collection created by one of America’s most respected fashion icons—Donna Karan—resonates perfectly with Eleanor’s esthetic vision.  It’s quietly impressive, and starkly elegant like her sleek contemporary penthouse overlooking Singapore’s Orchard Road district.  Designed in collaboration with Bonetti Kozerski Studio and entirely handmade in Bali by local artisans, the bed’s contrast of strong lines and soft pillows reflect the Balinese essence of harmony and tranquility.  As Donna herself says, “Balinese furniture speaks to my passions and inspires my imagination.  It is strong, simple and authentic.  The teak does the talking, the artisan the hand sculpting.  Open and inviting, the look works indoors and out.”  It doesn’t hurt that ten percent from all the net sales benefits the Urban Zen Foundation, a public charity dedicated to promoting well-being, empowering children and preserving cultures.  And knowing that helps Eleanor Young sleep even more soundly.
To curl up on this bed (preferably with a good book), please email or call +1 212 206 3999
Photographs by Martyn Thompson


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